Enrollment Checklist

The Ultimate Checklist for K12-Powered Online School Enrollment

Find the K12-powered online public or private school that’s best suited to your student’s needs using our School Finder. Enrollment costs vary for each option:
Online public schools
Online private school options
Individual K12 online courses for purchase
Get excited about your course materials! When you enroll in a K12-powered online school program, the materials your student needs to complete their courses are shipped directly to your home.
Download the K12 App and join the Learning Coach Community.
Set up a dedicated workspace for your student.
Check the enrollment status for your preferred school using our Parent Portal.
Explore our community of parents and other Learning Coaches for tips and support:
K12 Facebook Page
“What’s Your Story?” site
Behind the Scenes
Learning Coach Community
Get involved! Browse our events calendar to find out what’s coming up in your area.
Visit “A Day in the Life” to see how students at K12-powered schools spend their days.
Enroll in our career and college prep program. Some students know what they want to do after high school, and taking career prep courses can give them a head start. Others can discover possible occupations and career fields through this program.
Explore our various online clubs, competitions, and more to find fun ways for students to engage with peers and dive deeper into their interests.